EPIC database (Electricity production information & capacity) 

General description


arrow The objective of the EPIC Data Base is to offer a description by country of the whole power sector considering both power plants belonging to the public sector or assimilated and the units belonging to the autoproducers (industrials or services, ...) if not restricted.

arrow Information in the data base is included at unit level, considering all of the units above 100 kWe.
Unit data include:

  • Company data: company name and type. Three company types are considered
    • utility,
    • autoproducers (industrial or commercial enterprise producing its own electricity) and
    • private or independent producers.
  • Plan data: location and country. When appropriate, the location main contain information to facilitate sorting of the data base (Greek islands for example)
  • Unit data: data collected at unit size are related to:
    • unit name,
    • operating status (in operation, under development, planned, under study, delayed and retired),
    • size (gross and net power),
    • type of fuel to be burn,
    • year-on-line and year-off-line (if already known and available),
    • type of equipment,
    • associated production of heat,
    • turbine type and model as well as generator type and model when available.

arrow Due to the difficulty of data collection, coverage for wind turbine, mini-hydro, diesel engine, gasmotor and micro-turbine is representative but not comprehensive in many countries.

arrow The EPIC Data base presents a dynamic view of the production park, that means it contains the situation of that park for the last statistically known year and a trace of all the major modifications occurred since the reference year (mainly power and fuel modifications). In addition, all other information’s related to the history of power plants (owner change, ....) may be kept in a memo that can be consulted in the same time as the basic data associated to the power plant.